Azealia Banks, Grimes, Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX and Porcelain Black for ‘V’ Magazine - November 2012

They all look so fucking fabulous. 

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Marie Antoinette, by Annie Leibowitz for Vogue, 2006 

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Petra Collins by Ryan McGinley
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Brooke Candy by Alis Pelleschi

Brooke Candy (aka The Freaky Princess, aka The Queen of Italy) is one of the hottest talents to have emerged from the netherworlds of LA’s underground scene over the last couple of years.

We first met her at LA’s infamous Freak City, a vintage store by day that by night opens its doors to become a multi-storey party venu, playing host to some of the city’s wildest and most notorious parties. Brooke was there to perform for a special event and also to film the Uzi directed video for her track ‘Freaky Princess’ (which features cameos from Style Profile’s photographer Alis Pelleschi).

What sets Brooke apart from her peers, aside from her natural charisma and Murda Mami rap flow, is her unmistakeable personal style. Many of the iconic designs worn in her solo videos and features with artists such as Grimes are created by friend and fagmob general Seth Pratt, whos unique and inticately constructed garments look like they are only appearing on this world thanks to a glitch in the Y3K millenium bug. For the shoot, we headed to Seth’s hillside appartment which provided the backdrop to the shoot, with many of the looks worn coming straight off the cutting board while we shot.

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